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Business Basics: your comprehensive guide to setting up in private practice

If you are a silver member of Chelmsford Therapy Rooms and have a discount code, don’t forget to enter it before purchasing the module! If you are a gold member you can go straight to the access page and login with your password to access the module. All courses are password protected, your password will be sent to you when you have purchased the module.

Business Basics Module 1: What kind of business, and therapist do you want to be?

This Module covers the very basics of setting up your business. This module covers 5 main areas: What, Who, How, Where and When and then continues with suggestions on to how to name your business, what to charge your clients, and other basics to take into account to help you feel confident as a business owner as well as a therapist. Any business should have a business plan, but this can be a lengthly and daunting thing to write, especially if you’ve never done it before. By the end of this module you will have the beginning of your business plan. YOUR DOWNLOADABLE RESOURCES INCLUDE:

  • Business Plan Part One
  • Practice Areas
  • NCS Communication Guidelines
  • Intake Call Script
  • Email / Text reminder template
  • Email Enquiry reply template
  • Initial consultation Confirmation email template
  • Slides
  • Script
Business Basics Module 2: Client contracts, insurance and record keeping

This module covers Client Contracts, GDPR, Security, Record Keeping and Insurance. We will look at the timing, contents and ramifications of using written client contracts because technically, although many therapists see the therapeutic process itself as being a contract, if you have policies on things like charging for no shows etc most membership organisations promote the use of written contracts. As you’re probably aware the new General Data Protection Regulation came into effect on the 25th May 2018 so we’ll look at registering with the ICO, key changes to the GDPR that affects us therapists and how to implement these changes within your practice. In terms of Record Keeping, online is becoming more popular so we’ll address different types of storage including online, emails, texts and good old fashioned written records. In terms of insurance we’ll cover the different types of insurance and the main providers, so you know what you’re covered for and who offers this cover. YOUR DOWNLOADABLE RESOURCES INCLUDE:

  • Business Plan Part 2
  • A template for a written contract
  • Example contract
  • Privacy Statement Template
  • A Privacy Statement for you to compare
  • VeraCrypt - individual files and entre device encryption via lifehacker
  • How to install a firewall in various windows systems
  • Initial Consultation Form
  • Goal Review Form
  • Insurance providers and their contact details
  • Slides
  • Script
Business Basics Module 3: Law, tax and finance

This module covers: the Legal Structure of a business: A layman's explanation of the business structures most applicable to a therapist (depending on the type of therapist you want to be and how large you would like to grow), and business planning based on these legal structures. In the downloadable resources you have part three of your business plan to fill in whilst watching this video. Next we have Tax - explained: We’ll look at when and how to to declare your business to the HMRC as well as what filling in a tax return really entails because remember, there isn’t a “therapists tax return”, it’s for everyone! A tax return isn’t something that’s complex and secret so in the downloadable resources I’ve included screenshots of my own sole trader tax return as well as some of the questions you can expect in a corporation tax return as these are included in the slides and the script version of this course. We’ll also take a brief look at what you can and can’t claim on your tax bill. Finally we move on to The basics of finance: so how to take payments from clients including cash, Bacs, PayPal, and using card machines. I’ll explain budgeting for tax and how to do a P&L (profit and loss) spreadsheet as well as alternatives like book keeping software. We’ll take a look at business bank accounts and their costs and benefits. YOUR DOWNLOADABLE RESOURCES INCLUDE:

  • Business plan part 3
  • Comparison of the legal structures Sole Trader V Corporation in a spreadsheet
  • Sole trader tax and Corporation Tax rates
  • Screenshots of my sole trader tax return (provided within the slides)
  • A basic finance spreadsheet to get you going (P&L)
  • Tech radar list and reviews of top ten free accounting software of 2019
  • Simply Business accounting software review
  • Simply Business 7 best business bank accounts
  • HMRC Support email
  • Script
  • Slides
Business Basics Module 4: Making it real

This module covers the first steps you need to take in order to make your practice feel “real” to you, including buying a domain and setting up an email address, and building your own website - from scratch. I’ll take you through what you need to include on your website but also content that will attract your ideal client. I’ll teach you a powerful tool called an empathy map that can be used in many marketing materials but is essential to help you build content that is attractive to clients. We’ll cover what you want to or need to convey about yourself as a therapist - everyone has different boundaries so you need to know what you’re comfortable with. By the end of this module you will know how to build a Wordpress website, understand what plugins are essential for your website, what to do about GDPR on your website and contact forms, and of course we’ll have part 4 of your business plan.

Building an empathy map will be a core part of making your business successful. You need to be able to speak to your clients on their level. I wouldn’t be surprised if your ideal client contacts you within 24 hours of your website going live after you’ve used an empathy map to build the content. That’s what happened to me..... YOUR DOWNLOADABLE RESOURCES INCLUDE:

  • Business Plan part 4
  • Empathy Map
  • Domains - information and list of registrars
  • Tech radar’s top ten web hosting
  • Website Hosts - including information and reviews
  • Website Builders - including information and reviews
  • Slides
  • Script

Please note that all courses and modules are password protected. Once you have purchased a course you will receive your password.


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