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CTRN Training – Why We’re Unique

Thanks for visiting CTRN Training! So, why are the CTRN Training courses unique? These courses are written by a successful private practice counsellor and hypnotherapist. The courses featured on this website are written, edited (numerous times!), professionally produced in a recording studio with a producer and then proofed by fellow therapists and trainee therapists before being released. Time has been taken to ensure these training products are of a high standard. A number of your peers have scrutinised and given feedback on these courses, you can see some of their reviews on the courses via the shop tab. Please see our introduction video below that explains all about the training courses and for those in training and thinking about going into private practice there’s some information about how to gain therapy hours towards qualification and some career options after training.

Please note that all information provided when purchasing one of our products will remain confidential. It will be used to process your order and contact you about updates to the product you have purchased, we do not pass information to third parties.


CTRN Training